My Heart In Writing About Facebook Ads  And Online Marketing

My Heart In Writing About Facebook Ads And Online Marketing

I like writing about Facebook ads and online marketing.

I try to write about it every other day.

And as much as I can, I try writing something helpful and valuable.

I do it for many reasons, one of which is to keep me sharp.

It’s been a habit the past year or so already that I didn’t realize that I kinda developed my own informal process around it.

I only got to realize it when a friend asked me about where i get my content ideas from.

And I’d love to share them with you.

(1) From experience

I get to do this everyday and despite doing this for 4 years, I continue to learn new things about Facebook ads everyday.

(2) From questions

This is awesome because as I write, people ask me questions. This gives me an idea already of what to write. In fact this particular piece came from a question that was asked.

(3) Reaction pieces

You’ll find triggers everywhere, whether or not it’s related to your topic. In my case, I can react about certain changes or news around Facebook and it’s algorithm. I can also react about current events and entertainment pieces and relate it to my topic.

(4) Just by being open

There are so many things that we can draw inspiration from in writing just by being open to whatever is happening around us. Just stopping and taking notice.

Shoutout to two awesome dudes whom I look up to when creating entertaining and valuable content consistently:

John, who initially asked me to relate ordering from a bar to Facebook ads.

and Allan, who shared with me and our private community of Facebook Advertisers how he came up with 5 unique e-mail marketing content pieces just while doing an errand.

Because of their advice, I find myself with less moments of sitting in front of my laptop staring at a blinking cursor bar thinking of what to write.

And I share this because people have reached out to me asking for help with this.

And after having an exchange with them, we find that the problem isn’t really in finding new content ideas, but getting over stuff like impostor syndrome or fear of getting judged.

And my hope for you through this simple post is that you are able to just be bold and go try it out. Whatever happens, continue to try it out.

What’s the worst that can happen? 🙂

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