Facebook Ads Advice for Those Who Think It Won’t Work

Facebook Ads Advice for Those Who Think It Won’t Work

How Would You Know When You Haven’t Even Tasted It Yet?

When I was younger, I was a picky eater.

When I see a dish I didn’t know or recognize, I would always say “I don’t want”

Then my parents would usually ask that question above.

I don’t remember what my answer to that was.

But I knew they were right.

I was reminded of these times when I recently had to explain Facebook and Google ads to a potential client.

“Those won’t work for us”, said the General Manager to me and my partner. “Hindi naman gumagana ‘yan”

And yes, you guessed it, they haven’t done ads before. I mean that’s why we were there.

If you’re among those who think Facebook ads won’t work for your business specifically, I’m not going to force you to believe that they do.

But I invite you to try. I invite you to set up a purposeful ad campaign (correctly) and then determine if it works or not.

Don’t get crippled by the fear of “What if it doesn’t work?”

Choose to be motivated by the hope of “What if it does?”

What if that business idea you’ve been neglecting is a gold mine of opportunities?
What if reaching out to this one person is the big break your business has been waiting for?
Or what if finally taking that leap to skydive unlocks the passion for life you’ve been denying yourself?

Try it.

I did, and now I love vegetable dishes.

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