Identifying The Numbers And Setting Up Your Goals Based On The Data Available

Identifying The Numbers And Setting Up Your Goals Based On The Data Available

Pumapayat ba ako?

About a month ago, I set a goal for myself to lose weight.

And like with any well-planned goal, I made it measurable: 5kg in 2 months.

In addition, I had a plan as well:

1. Go on a diet (And I’m not referring to just cutting out certain foods but following a diet program).

2. Measure my food intake as opposed to just mindless eating

3. Get a trainer to push me to wake up and exercise as opposed to just following a set of routines without guidance

And below is a picture i took earlier in the week.

When I look at it, parang hindi pa din.

I also don’t feel lighter or thinner.

So I was reassessing whether I wanted to pursue the goal for the next few weeks.

But then I weighed myself and took my measurement.

So apparently I’ve lost 4kg and 2 inches 😄

So regardless of what I felt or saw (or judged), the measured results speak for itself.

That’s why it was a good thing I weighed myself because if I hadn’t, I would have made a decision with a poor basis.

For me, basing on actual results is an effective way to make decisions.

This has also been super helpful for me when diagnosing Facebook ad campaigns.

It’s so awesome to have everything tracked and measured and make decisions based on the actual numbers we’re seeing on the dashboard.

It helps us identify what works and what doesn’t so we can improve and scale.

Instinct is great but for some stuff like Facebook ads and digital marketing, listen to the numbers.

P.S. Speaking of online stuff and exercising, if you’re interested in exercising yourself from the comfort of your own home with someone to help make sure you’re reaching your goal, I highly recommend Fitness Mobil. They’ve just recently started to offer online fitness coaching apart from. their usual service of bringing the gym to your doorstep.

Message them on their FB page 

Looking for a Community for Facebook Advertisers?

We have a Facebook Group for exclusively for Awesome Facebook Advertisers in the Philippines where we can help each other out when it comes to Facebook Ads.

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