Get Out Of Your Head | A Chatbot Strategy

Get Out Of Your Head | A Chatbot Strategy


I started getting into automated Facebook messaging (aka chatbots) late last year with the help of the leading chatbot expert, Niel Reichl.

It was awesome.

We had a whole group and everything where we shared our ideas and our creations.

I did mine and it was generally received well.

It was received very well actually.

So much so that I went out and started promoting it.

With ads ha.

I was expecting comments like “This is great! This is awesome! Shut up and take my money!”

But what I got were these:

“Hmmm I don’t think you’re trying to help”
“You’re creepy…”
“Thanks for the weird conversation…”

It wasn’t awesome at all!

Well, it was, actually. But only to me and some friends.

It wasn’t awesome to the intended customer.

When I created the bot, I was thinking mostly about myself and how cool it was but not how the audience would receive it.

Since then, we regrouped and I planned for more purposeful chatbot strategies for our clients without trying to be cute or awesome.

Just delivering what needs to be delivered.

Getting out of my own head and realizing that I am not the audience.

And you know what, the bots have performed much better.

People interact and engage with it more.


So with all these tools and platforms, remember that these are all means to your business’ actual goals. 

Don’t lose sight of that because that should determine your strategy, not platforms such as Messenger or Facebook ads despite how much I LOVE Facebook ads.

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