How To Get Out Of The Friendzone

How To Get Out Of The Friendzone


Last year, I wanted to be a part of the biggest event for freelancers in the Philippines.

I’ll be honest, at this time, I was expecting to be invited.

Yeah, pretty ego-istic of me. And it took a while for me to realize it.

But good thing I did.

Kasi instead of waiting and expecting, I went to the main organizer and offered to speak.

It wasn’t how I wanted it but again, looking back, I only wanted to be invited to stroke my ego.

I had the belief that for one to be worthy of speaking at such an awesome event, I would have to be invited.

But I’m glad I asked because I did get to speak at that event 

And regardless of how I got the opportunity, the point is I got it, I was able to share, people approached me saying they learned something, and overall, I enjoyed it 

I’ve been around the social media marketing scene for quite some time now and there are 2 mistakes I see related to this.

One is trying to make a sale immediately which I talk about a lot.

But the other is being stuck in the friendzone.

Those people that put up a lot of content and provide a lot of value BUT NEVER ASKS FOR THE SALE.

They believe that because their product or service is so good, people will just naturally inquire and buy.

But that’s not the case.

If you want to get out of the friendzone,
And if you want to take your relationship to the next level,
If you want your audience to buy from you,


A simple call to action on your post and ads can do a lot.

Message us to…
Click here to…
Sign up to…

Tell people what you want and those who are truly interested in your offer will take you up on it.


I write this because yesterday, I sent an e-mail to my e-mail list illustrating this concept and to prove a point, my email subject line was “Please Read This E-mail”

True enough, it was one of my most opened e-mails.

My friend even sent me this message:

“Ugh, your “Please Read This E-Mail” actually worked on me hahahaha I felt more need to open it hahahaha”


So don’t get stuck in the friendzone.

Call your audience to action.

So what’s the call to action for this post?

i have 2.

One, if you’re not in my mailing list and you want to get on it, please let me know 

Two, have an awesome weekend 

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