3 Fundamental Ways To Increase Your Business

3 Fundamental Ways To Increase Your Business

There are 3 fundamental ways to grow your business from the level it is at the moment:

1. Increase the number of leads you have
2. increase the number of sales you convert from the existing pool of leads you have
3. Increase the number of times your existing customers buy from you

I want to talk a bit on number 3 and how to actually do this.

One way to get existing customer to buy again is through upsells.

Upsells are basically when you sell a higher end product or service related to their initial purpose.

For example, when someone buys one lipstick, you can upsell them to a whole makeup kit.

Or when someone buys car insurance, upsell them with a dashcam so they have something to use as proof when they make insurance claims.

And the most popular one, when someone buys a burger, upsell them with fries and drinks.

Some upsells are obvious.

But how about those na hindi obvious, how do we create upsells that are effective.

Here’s a way how.

First, let’s identify your product or service.

Second, Identify what problem you are solving with that product or service. The deeper you can go, the better 

Third, Determine how you can solve that problem faster or better.

Fourth, determine a product or service that will support that. note that it doesn’t have to come from you.


I offer Facebook ads as a service.

The problem i solve is that I help entrepreneurs by generating leads for them. the deeper thing there is that if we are able to help them generate leads, they can spend more time and effort in closing sales.

that problem can be solved better if we had an e-mail nurture sequence in place.

So an upsell I can include is that: an e-mail follow up sequence.

I don’t do e-mails but i can look for partners who can help me with that.

Let's have another example

A fitness program.

The problem I solve is that i help people lose weight through proper exercise.

The deeper concern here is that my customers want to be healthy but they have a hard time adjusting their busy lifestyle.

The problem can be solved faster and better if they couple the exercise with proper nutrition.

So I can offer healthy low-calorie food delivery that the person just has to heat up.


Let’s try it.

In the comments below, go through this process and let’s find an awesome upsell for you. 

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