Free Facebook Ads Advice For Resorts

Free Facebook Ads Advice For Resorts

Free FB Ads Advice for Resorts

Had the opportunity to chill with a friend over the weekend.

He co-owns a surf resort in Baler and he’s also a freelance Facebook Ads guy.

So naturally we got to talking about using Facebook Ads to promote his resort.

Here’s what we came up with.

Right now, they don’t need much lead generation ads because it’s peak season for the summer.

But this is EXACTLY when they should be running ads.

My recommendation was to come up with videos of being on the beach and surfing and all that good stuff that makes people excited about the beach.

People love shooting these videos so they can actually just get these from their customers with their permission.

Then run that as an ad to surfers, beach lovers and other potential audiences.

If the video is really good, chances are they’ll engage with it in some way because it’s summer.

The objective is to engage with audiences so it will be normal to not have anyone book at this moment since chances are they already have plans.

BUT here’s the champion move.

Later in the leaner months, you can run a remarketing ad only to these people to invite them to the resort.

People who engage with surfing related content would likely be surfers so we have been able to qualify people based on this through video.

Yes, if you’re not aware, you can follow up with people based on the amount of time they spent watching your specific videos.

It’s always easier to sell to people you’ve engaged with before.

This does not only apply to resorts.

The concept of remarketing works online and offline!

Because remarketing is basically following up and/or touching base with your leads and staying top of mind through engagement.

So if you’re not running remarketing campaigns yet, start doing them today! 

Looking for a Community for Facebook Advertisers?

We have a Facebook Group for exclusively for Awesome Facebook Advertisers in the Philippines where we can help each other out when it comes to Facebook Ads.

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