Common Facebook Ad Account Issues And How To Fix It

Common Facebook Ad Account Issues And How To Fix It


I’ve been auditing a lot of Facebook ad accounts recently and I find 3 common things a lot of business owners miss out when running ads.

Some are even wasting money just because of mishandled campaign management.

Here are the 3 common issues I see with Facebook Ad Accounts and how you can fix it 

Number 1: Wrong Campaign Objectives

The most I see are either Post Engagement, Video Views and Link Clicks.

Now that’s not to say they are “wrong” objectives. I use these objectives for me and my clients.

They are good if it serves your actual objective.

But for these audits I’ve been doing, their objectives tend to be purchases or other conversions but the campaigns are NOT using the proper campaign objective to optimize for these results.

When Facebook asks you what your campaign objective is, it uses it’s own internal analytics to deliver those results you want for you so it’s important that you are able to tell Facebook what you want.

Number 2: Very large audience sizes

This is like the equivalent of trying to sell to everyone.

I personally like to keep audience size to around 1Million People unless it’s for a local campaign.

But targeting all the married college graduates in the Philippines for a pillow product is very very broad.

I recommend asking some important questions which can help you narrow down your targeting to pinpoint your exact audience (I have a free targeting worksheet for this, i can give you if you need)

Another would be to use the “Narrow Audience” feature to add in additional interests which are required in your audiences (I have a video for this if you want to learn how this works.

Number 3: Not remarketing

In the real world, in a social context, very few make buying decisions.

It’s different when you’re in a mall or a bazaar type of event where the precedent is that people are there to buy.

On Facebook, even if we’re dealing with ads, what’s best is still a social approach to start and a lot of the transactional engagement happens in follow ups, and that’s the purpose of remarketing.

Remarketing is the process of reaching back out to the people which have engaged before and shown interest.

Doing the engagement campaigns in page 1 makes more sense if remarketing is in place because, in our experience, this is where the returns are really made.

I hope this also serves as a mini-audit for your ad account.

If you’d like to maximize the use of Facebook ads for your business, I’d love to know how our team can help you out  Just shoot me a message 

Have a great week 

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