A Marketing Strategy To Fit Your Audience

A Marketing Strategy To Fit Your Audience

A Marketing Strategy To Fit Your Audience

One of the most awesome movies I was pleased to have randomly come across is “Our Brand Is Crisis”

Without any spoilers, the story revolves around a retired campaign manager.

Played by Sandra Bullock, who got back into the game to work on a presidential campaign of a hot-tempered polarizing candidate.

Before she came in, the campaign team tried so hard to make the candidate look like a good and pleasant guy which just made him look fake and ingenuine.

During the moment when Sandra Bullock turned the campaign around.

She said something that was very relevant to their situation and is also relevant for entrepreneurs and businesses who are having difficulties with their branding.

She said something like: “Don’t change the man to fit the narrative. Change the narrative to fit the man.”

Whether it worked or it didn’t, I’ll leave it to you to check out the movie.

But going to the point I want to make, after talking with a lot of businesses and service providers, a lot of people get blinded by all the different strategies and sales channels out there, including Facebook advertising.

Some people go into coaching or eCommerce believing that with Facebook ads and e-mail marketing and chatbots that they can easily make sales.

Some people set up Facebook groups or webinar or create ebooks because that’s the go-to digital marketing strategy.

Yes they work and they’re awesome.

But I highly recommend that you don’t develop a product or service to fit a marketing strategy that has worked for other people and other businesses.

and I recommend not developing a marketing strategy to fit an awesome distribution channel like Facebook ads.

Successful businesses I’ve seen are those that develop a marketing strategy to fit their product/service and their target audience. Then they choose a sales channel to fit their marketing strategy.

Have an awesome weekend. 

And watch that awesome movie 

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