The Fear Of Being Judged | Facebook Video Campaign

The Fear Of Being Judged | Facebook Video Campaign

The Fear Of Being Judged

So last Friday, we went to confession.

I haven’t been to confession for so long and I don’t usually go to confession so to be honest, I didn’t really know how to conduct myself.

If you’ve ever listened to me talk, you probably know that I ramble and sometimes get derailed from my original train of thought.

And that kinda happened here and I kinda took some time.

When I stepped out, a lady came in after me and stepped out after about a minute.

I later on heard that this person found that I took a long time in the confession box.

I felt judged.

Part of me wanted to say “Wow, haneeep!”

But I chose to let it go.

Because the truth is, I will be judged.

It’s a judging world out there and you will be judged for whatever you do.

I mean, you yourself judge people, as do I.

It’s normal. And if I’m being honest, I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

But a lot of people find themselves being crippled or held back by the fear of being judged.

I’ve spoken with clients and students who cringe at the idea of taking a video of themselves to do content on Facebook.

I’ve received inquiries for my service where one of the concerns for running Facebook ads are “Paano kung ma-bash ako?”

I know of people who have lots of awesome and valuable stuff to say but they don’t because they fear being questioned or ridiculed or simply ignored on Facebook.

Fear of judgement is real.

But I invite to to just say “Fuck It” and go ahead.

Write that piece of content.
Launch that Facebook ad campaign
Shoot that video

Regardless of what you do, you will be judged.

So why not be judged for doing something na lang?

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