5 Ways To Win in Business & Get More Customers using Facebook this 2019

5 Ways To Win in Business & Get More Customers using Facebook this 2019

(1) Be Social

I think a lot of business owners know too much that Facebook marketing is effective but forget to remember that it is a SOCIAL media platform.

When we say social, it’s like a party.

I don’t think anyone goes to Facebook wanting to be sold to.

Promoting your products and services are good.

But it would help to mix in posts and content that are relevant, entertaining and/or valuable.

Use your page as a relationship-building tool before a sales-generating machine.

(2) Start Conversations

We buy from people we trust and a lot of trust is built through connections and conversations.

In fact, you have probably at one point or another did any sort of transaction or inquiry with businesses through Facebook Messenger.

So you should be maximizing this tool!

In fact, Facebook recognizes this and has built in tools to help you start conversations such as the option to have the chat box open when someone visits your page or having present questions users can just click on instead of typing.

(3) Gather Page Likes

People have different opinions on this advice.

Some depend on page likes as a metric of their success.

While some think they are merely vanity metrics and they don’t have any direct effect on sales.

Neither are wrong in my opinion.

But this is what I’ll share with you.

I did a survey and 2/3 of the respondents claimed that the number of page likes a business has factors into their buying decision.

There are so many ways to get page likes but my biggest recommendation is to give people a reason to want to like your page.

If your content is social, relevant, valuable, relatable and/or entertaining, then people will want to like to follow your page.

Or you can entice customers with a bonus or discount if they like your page.

(4) Gather Reviews

Reviews and recommendations are other factors we take into consideration when making buying decisions.

Facebook pages have the option to have recommendations on the page so make sure you ask people to recommend you especially when they are happy with your product or service.

I find that when you deliver on your promise, customers are likely more than happy to give you a review to help you out.

But don’t stop there.

Remember how we said people transact through Messenger?

Make sure to touch base with your customers through Facebook™ Messenger to ask them what their experience was.

Then take a screenshot of their response and post it on your page.

(5) Run Facebook Ads

When you post from a page, your reach is only limited to the people who like your page.

But you’ve probably noticed that not everyone who like your page sees your posts. (If you haven’t seen this, check out the bar or the number below each of your page post to see how many people your post has reached).

In order to reach more people, whether people who like your page or not, you’ll have to run ads.

Running ads is more than just boosting posts. There’s a whole lot to it and I recommend you learning about it to get your business the maximum results.

There’s a free course provided by Facebook on this called Blueprint and there are lots of free content out there to help you get started.

You can even check out my own page for lessons on how to effectively run ads for your business.

This 2019, don’t be left behind with the times.

More and more people are now using Facebook as a channel to grow their business.

I look forward to seeing your business grow as well.

Good luck! 


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