How To Target Audiences in a Specific Facebook Group

How To Target Audiences in a Specific Facebook Group

Quick ad targeting hack: how to target people in a specific Facebook groups

Facebook group targeting been a long time request of advertisers but to no avail, at least at the time of writing this.

But let me show you a way to possibly do this.


Step 1: create a video asset. If you have none at all, create a slideshow interesting enough to hold 3 seconds of people’s attention.

Note: The video asset must be on your page, not profile.

Step 2: post the video on the Facebook group you want to target. Make sure you still provide value 🙂

Step 3: set up a custom audience for 3 second video views of that video


Now you have people from that Facebook group in the custom audience to target for your campaigns 🙂

Use this power wisely 🙂

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