What To Do When Your Facebook Ad Get Disabled

What To Do When Your Facebook Ad Get Disabled


Why did Ross eventually end up with Rachel?
And why did Ted eventually end up with Robin?
Why did Lucas eventually end up with Peyton?
Thus why did Popoy eventually end up with Basha?
And why will Lino probably end up with Jackie? #Halik

Sure they were together at the start but they eventually ended things.

They even dated and married other people.

But if you watched those shows and movies as I did. you would always notice that regardless of where they were in their lives or who they were with, they would always have hang-ups from the past.

Maybe there was still unresolved anger and unanswered questions.

Then maybe there were regrets and what-ifs

And maybe they still loved each other.

All these stressful uncertainties and hang-ups all because there was no proper closure.

And without this closure, people are unable to move forward properly.

They keep being haunted by their past.

Now this situation may sound familiar to businesses who advertise on Facebook and have experienced getting their ad accounts disabled and shut down.

Ad accounts get disabled when you do not comply with the ad policies of the platform.

But here’s the thing, I find a lot of people say that when they get their ad accounts disabled, they just create a new one. But for most of them, they then say that their new ad account gets shut down AGAIN!


Think of getting a disabled ad account like a bad break-up.

Like a lot of bad breakups, it leaves lots of questions including “What did I do wrong?”

And that’s an important question to ask.

If you just proceed on with a new ad account or a new relationship without fixing what was wrong, chances are you’ll get dumped or your ad account will get disabled again.

And that’s what’s happening.

It’s very difficult to outsmart the platform. so my recommendation is not to try.

When you get your ad account disabled, communicate with Facebook.

You’ll be given an option to appeal.

You have support inbox.

You have chat support.

For some lucky ones, you have a Facebook rep or internal Marketing Expert you can run to.

Find out why you got disabled in the first place and move forward knowing what not to do for a healthy relationship.

Closure allows you to boldly move forward with confidence whether with Facebook ads or relationships.

Looking for a Community for Facebook Advertisers?

We have a Facebook Group for exclusively for Awesome Facebook Advertisers in the Philippines where we can help each other out when it comes to Facebook Ads.

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