The One Thing You Need To Understand If Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

The One Thing You Need To Understand If Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working

What if my Facebook Ads are not working?

My son started walking on his own without the need of guidance or handholding.

And i discovered something about myself.

I have this tendency to be over protective.

I don’t like bringing him out of his playpen because I feel it’s not safe for him at this stage.

But I’m starting to let go and trust that everything will be ok.

so we’ve been letting him out of his playpen and walk around the house.

Everything has been good.

He’s still under close supervision because he will still trip and fall.

That’s normal. He’s learning.

He won’t be 100% perfect off the bat.

Yet I find that many FB advertisers expect to hit a home run with their campaigns immediately after running them.

Despite all the research, not every thing you do will run the way you want them to nor will they produce the results you want immediately.

I always say that Facebook is a learning platform and you need to give it time to learn.

But I realized that we as humans are learning beings and we learn as we progress.

So the next time your ad campaigns “fail”, remember that you didn’t.

You did not fail your objective, you just found ways that don’t work.

The question is, when you “fail”, what are you going to do about it?


Or why not try something new until you find what DOES work?

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