Facebook Ad Policies: How To Comply But Not Restrict

Facebook Ad Policies: How To Comply But Not Restrict


At least that’s what my tendency is according to a personality framework test I took yesterday.

But in reality, I do not fall into the dictionary definition of a rebel.

I like rules and I tend to follow them.

I know though that a lot of people feel that rules are constricting and sometimes, yeah, i do share the same sentiment.

But I personally believe that rules are in place to protect us and to provide a better experience for us.

Sometimes they don’t make sense to me, but I follow anyway because I believe that it’s there for a reason that I may not just be aware of.

As a Filipino, I’m bound by the rules and laws of the country.
Then as a resident, I’m bound by the rules of the PMO
And as a Facebook advertiser, I am bound by the rules of the platform.

And I comply with these rules because I want to contribute to the good experience and, to be honest, also because of the repercussions of not following.

On Facebook, it is my responsibility to continue to provide good experiences to the users through my ads. And the advertising policies help make sure that this happens.

The rules also protect me as an advertiser

By prohibiting me from giving a bad experience to the users, like spamming them or making them feel bad on the platform, my brand is also being protected from potential customer relation problems.

And as an advertiser, I make money through the platform so if I don’t adhere to the rules, my ability to advertise may be taken away from me permanently. So I comply.

Remember, as advertisers, we are merely using another company’s platform. Even if the rules don’t make sense to us, it’s still their right to impose whatever they feel is best for their users.

So I invite every advertiser to read up on the policies and not to hate Facebook for imposing restricting ad policies.

Have a great week ahead 

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