Duplicated Winning Ad Sets Sucks

Duplicated Winning Ad Sets Sucks


So if you’re a burger fan who has been hanging around BGC for the past few weeks, you may probably know that a new international burger place called Shake Shack opened up sa BGC.

You may have probably already seen the LONG LINE it has just to order.

Shake shack is situated at BGC Central Square which we visit from time to time.

We visit often enough to know that there’s an abundance of parking there.

But these past few weeks, kahit na early pa lang, super dami ng cars sa parking.

And inside the actual mall, super dami na ding tao.

What changed?

It was still me and my family still going to the same mall.

In a way, we didn’t change naman.

But the environment we entered (BGC Central) was what changed.

So nagchange din yung behavior namin in the mall like we were more mindful of other people, we parked further from the elevator, etc.

What does this have to do with FB ads, particularly duplicated ad sets?

So what some people do to scale their campaigns is to duplicate ad sets which are going super well after they have run for a week or two.

But a lot of times, the duplicated ad set does not perform as well as the original.

And advertisers get confused kasi it was a winning ad set but now it’s not delivering good results?

What changed?

Like in the illustration, the campaign or the ad set DID NOT CHANGE.

But what changed was the environment at which it entered.

It’s like being at your first school day as the new kid at a school who’s in the middle of a semester already.

A lot of factors may be different from when you first launched the ad set.

Kaya even if you have the same ad set details, you may have different results.

This is also the reason why I discourage turning of ads and campaigns which you eventually will turn back on.

Re-entering the FB ad auction under different circumstances and factors will not guarantee the same results as before.

to be clear, I’m not saying that duplicating ad sets shouldn’t be done (though I prefer increasing spend instead of duplicating).

I just wanted to raise a bit of awareness on how the algorithm works so that when this happens, you have a better idea why instead of being frustrated and pulling your hair out.

Have an awesome weekend 

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