If You’re Not Getting Enough Sales, Does That Mean Your Business Suck?

If You’re Not Getting Enough Sales, Does That Mean Your Business Suck?

Do you think your business sucks?


I used to think this especially when I was getting started with Facebook ads and I only had a handful of clients.

A lot of people think this.

Unfortunately, there are people who believe this and then just gives up.

A lot of times, your business is awesome, it’s just that people (particularly your people) have not yet DISCOVERED it.

It’s a popular saying in the entrepreneurship world that people have to know, like and trust you before they buy.

And that’s true.

But a lot of entrepreneurs leave out the KNOW part.

What are you doing to get more people to KNOW you?

How are you being discovered?

You may have a great way of getting people to like and trust you but if you’re not also focusing on getting people AWARE that you exist, then sayang yung effort 

Definitely it can be Facebook Ads.

Pero for some, it can be other channels 

Pwedeng Google
At pwedeng Referrals
Pwede ding Networking Events 

Point ko is what are you doing to at least get your business out there for people to discover you?  Sharing this poll we have from a friend’s FB group.

The FB group itself was not promoted using FB ads but because we were discovered with FB ads, they naturally sought membership to this group simply because they discovered and knew us through our ads.

Have an awesome week 

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