Facebook Ads: Target Your Specific Audience When The Platform Can’t Pinpoint Them

Facebook Ads: Target Your Specific Audience When The Platform Can’t Pinpoint Them

How to target your audience if Facebook can’t distinguish them?

Na-OP ka na ba?

OP or out of place is when you join in in a conversation and you have no idea what the topic is.

It’s like me when my friends are in World Cup Frenzy or have watched Avengers when I haven’t.

On social media, if a post makes you feel OP, you just scroll past it.

But when the topic is something relevant and something you resonate with, you stay and engage.

If it’s a video, then you watch.

So the content basically either draws you in or let’s you know if it’s something for you.

And that’s how I recommend using Facebook ads to target your specific audience especially when the platform can’t pinpoint them.

A lot of advertisers go straight to promoting their product, service or offer and think that running ads with content is useless.

But it’s not the case.

Maniwala ka sa akin.

A lot of times, I recommend running an ad (preferably video) discussing something that is relevant to a specific audience with a specific problem.

That way, you can make an initial connection with your audience, build rapport, and with the Facebook ads platform, you can create a custom audience based off these people so that you can run more relevant (keyword is relevant) ads to them.

What’s more, you can create a lookalike audience based off these people to help you find more users like them.

Use content to target your audience. You’ll draw in your intended audience and you’ll repel people who are not interested and will never buy from you.

Trust me 

Having Difficulties Reaching Your Exact Target Market on Facebook?

We created a worksheet which documents the exact questions our team answers to help us accurately target our audiences for the campaigns we handle.

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