Facebook Ads Lessons From A Credit Card Agent

Facebook Ads Lessons From A Credit Card Agent


So last Saturday, I attended an event and there were credit card agents there offering credit card applications.

I ended up signing up for one because of simple yet effective actions.

They aren’t event “tactics”.

They were simple human interactions which got me to take action.

And I’d love to share with you the little stuff she did and how it translates to Facebook adsĀ 

1) She went where her ideal prospects were hanging out.

It was an event where the attendees were online entrepeneurs.

That’s a perfect audience for credit card agents because the attendees are more open to transacting online.

And that’s one simple reason why I love Facebook ads.

Your customers are most likely on Facebook already. You just need an effective way to ensure that you target your EXACT market through the available targeting optionsĀ 

2) She kept on reaching out to me despite the first few times that I ignored her.

Andun lang siya everytime lalabas at papasok ako, greeting me.

I was ignoring her kasi I had the event on my mind pa so I wasn’t ready to sign up but I was definitely interested.

So don’t feel bad when you run ads for a few days or weeks with no results.

The viewers might just not be ready to take action at that moment.

3) She engaged me first

She didn’t go straight to her offer of selling.

She engaged me in a discussion first and got me to say that I was indeed interestedĀ 

I know script ng credit card agent to ask “may credit card ka na ba?” but it’s a script because it works.

Facebook ad lesson: don’t go for the sale agad agad. Engage the audience, get their interest, talk to them.

It’s a social platform.

4) She followed up with me with a different conversation until I was ready.

Because we had already spoken, nag-iba na yung conversation.

She wasn’t asking me na all other stuff.

She would simply ask “Ready na sir?”

And I would say no.

Until the moment the event was over and I was ready to sign up na and sakto when I was ready, she was there na.


Run Remarketing campaigns.

Wait until the prospect is ready without being pushy about it.

More than a sales strategy or an online marketing tactic, it’s basic social behavior.

If you’re not sure how to implement this for your Facebook ad campaigns, I would love to help outĀ 

Just shoot me a messageĀ 

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