Creating Content for Facebook Like If You Had A Crush

Creating Content for Facebook Like If You Had A Crush

Creating Content for Facebook Like If You Had A Crush

Creating content can be difficult. But then again not really.

Let me ask you…

Did you do this when you had a crush?

When I was my younger, I was more anti-social and much more of an introvert than I am now.

Making friends was hard for me.

So when the opportunity to meet new friends came, I would welcome it but I would always just stick with my existing set of friends.

In my mind, it would still be us hanging out, there’s just other people there.

But sometimes, it’s not what happened.

When girls would become a part of my circle of guy friends, I notice conversations shift.

My friends start talking about stuff I didn’t know they liked. But these interests of theirs seemed to connect with our new friends.

I eventually learned that to get people to like you, you have to talk to them with about what interests them.

And I don’t mean trying to fake interest. It has to be genuine. It has to be something you’re interested in too.

But I see a lot of businesses and salespeople do the opposite with their customers and clients when creating content.

These businesses prefer to keep talking about themselves don’t talk about what’s important to their audience but would rather keep talking about themselves and their products or service.

Imagine meeting a new friend and all that person talks about is himself/herself.

How would you feel?

If you want your business to be noticed, to be listened to and for people to take action, talk to them about things that are relevant to them.

Pretend they’re your crush and you want them to like you back.

Creating content isn’t difficult if you’re speaking to someone about something they like.

So use that as a basis.

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