Crafting Ad Engaging And Compelling Ad Copies

Crafting Ad Engaging And Compelling Ad Copies

Okay? Now what?

Last week, we had a mastermind call with other FB Ads Agency Owners and we discussed crafting ad engaging and compelling ad copies.

I used to think ad copy was the least important part of Facebook ads but I could not have been more wrong.

I used to not invest in preparing for good copy but this is something we have been working towards more.

There are so many great tips and advice about ad copywriting out there that for me, i get overwhelmed.


And after numerous times of having the opportunity to write ad copies and see how they convert, I feel that ad copywriting for Facebook Ads boils down to one question:

“Why should I care?”

Facebook is a platform where we are competing with other people for the attention of your audiences.

So if your ad creative is engaging enough for the Facebook user to stop scrolling through Facebook, then don’t waste the attention the user has given.

Whether it be through long or short copy, let them know why they should care.

Particularly, let them know why they should care enough to buy or take whatever action you’re asking them to take.

There’s a lot more to copywriting, definitely.

Especially if the ask is too big.

But at the most basic level, let’s try to answer at least this one question.

Have an awesome week ahead 

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