How To Change The World While Waiting In Line For Breakfast

How To Change The World While Waiting In Line For Breakfast


Yesterday, we had breakfast at the newly opened McDo branch near our house.

They already had the touch screen order thingy.

So ang bilis lang nung pag order and pay.

BUT hindi pa nakahabol yung operations.

People were waiting 20-30 minutes for their breakfast.

And during that wait, i couldn’t help but notice 2 kinds of people: the patiend and impatient ones.

Actually, let me change that.

The first group were the patient people who waited for their orders. They followed up respectfully from time to time and waited.

The second group of people were the patient people who just happened to choose to be impatient.

Yes, it’s a choice.

They yelled and criticized the staff for the process which definitely could have improved a lot, i acknowledge that.

And that’s all it took for people in the first group to jump to the second group.

It’s a choice to be understanding.

Is it a choice to feel angry at the situation? I’m not sure to be honest.

But what i’m sure of is that staying angry is a choice.

And acting upon that anger is another choice.

And these little choices that we may not even be aware of affects others around us.

I saw how patient people chose to just be angry instead since other people are choosing to do so as well.

And I believe that can ripple and trigger a cycle of anger.

Lalo na if we all continue to believe that it is only through anger and putting other people down that we get our way.

Exagerated? Maybe.

But probable? Yes.

It works so slyly that we don’t even realize it.

The beauty is that the opposite works as well 🙂

If we choose to be patient, to be understanding, to be loving, to be awesome, we can spread that love as well.

Who you choose to be matters.

Who do you choose to be today? ❤️❤️

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