Should I Spend Money On A Like-Buying Campaign?

Should I Spend Money On A Like-Buying Campaign?


I got this question in our private coaching group for my FB Ads program and it’s a question I do get a lot especially for brands that are just starting out.

My straight up answer is that it depends on you. nice no? haha

But it really depends on you.

Instead of answering that question with a yes or a no, let me share with you what I think and some other relevant stuff to help you decide.

What I would do: I would not.

I am not a fan of like-buying campaigns for MY OWN ADS.

It’s mainly because I’m not looking to grow my page likers.

I’m not saying I’m right, I’m just saying I’m not a fan.

I prefer mostly conversion campaigns, traffic campaigns and engagement campaigns.

But still, take note of the following points as they may affect your decision:

👉 I still do have clients wherein we run like campaigns. A lot of them are used not mainly for social proof or just to get the following but to have a qualifier for our targeting if the interests are not specific enough. Meaning if they are interested to like our page for our specific content then they are probably more likely to take action on our offers.

👉 I did a survey a couple of months ago with my Facebook friends and 66% of respondents said that they take the number of likes and followers affect their decision to transact with an FB Business page.

👉 The top FB Ads guy in the country only has 1k likes but he’s still super awesome 😎

As with anything in life, It will be up to you. 

My other recommendation would just be to align it with your actual goals 

Have a great week ahead!

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