Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives And Parenting

Facebook Ad Campaign Objectives And Parenting

Is there a link between campaigning and parenting?

I had a conversation with a friend where we were discussing campaign objectives and the conversation changed from marketing to parenting.

You’ve probably heard some version of this story, or you may know someone who has this story (or this may even be you…)

Where parents ‘highly suggest’ a specific career path for their children regardless of the person’s own desires, interests, skills and vision for himself/herself.

And what ends up happening a lot of the time is that the person doesn’t feel fulfilled or is not able to live up to expectation. Tough I know people who had similar stories who still excelled, I think the general trend is the feeling of being unfulfilled.

Then the parents get frustrated and disappointed because of unmet expectation not realizing that they were expecting specific results from someone who was meant to create different results in the world like maybe art or a business.

But if we allowed people to align their strengths and passion and who they are with our expected outcomes for them, wonderful things happen.

How does this relate to Facebook ads?

Too many times I’ve heard people complain of not getting results from their Facebook ads and in one look at their ad campaign, I immediately know what’s wrong.

A lot of times people set the wrong campaign objectives.

You’re setting yourself up for disappointment if your expecting conversions or sales or messages but you set up a campaign with engagement as the objective.

You’re setting yourself up for disappointment if you are expecting leads to come in but you set up a campaign objective with video views.

Remember, when a campaign is meant to bring specific results but you set them up with a different campaign objective, results will not be great.

So make sure that when you are planning your ad campaigns, always ask yourself what results do you want from this campaign and select the corresponding campaign objective.

Have an awesome week ahead!

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