Bye Bye Relevance Scores | The 3 New Facebook Metrics

Bye Bye Relevance Scores | The 3 New Facebook Metrics


I’ve seen the announcement a couple of weeks back and heard some experts talk about it but I was surprised to see this as reported by our colleague Hazel 

I was planning to write about it today then BOOM, this appeared na in one of our ad accounts.

As with any roll outs, these are random and you should start seeing this in the coming days and weeks.

What does this mean for us?

Basically, Facebook is taking away Relevance Score and replacing it with 3 new metrics:

– Quality Ranking
– Engagement Rate Ranking
– Conversion Rate Ranking

This is good because before, Relevance scores were just 1 number giving you an overall but vague picture of how your ads are.

But now, it broke it down into 3 metrics so you can see what particular area you need to focus on.

As far as I understand it…

Quality Ranking refers to the actual ad including the creative, the copy, compliance, etc.

Engagement Rate Ranking refers to how well people are engaging with the ad so it speaks more on targeting and message-market fit.

Then, Conversion Rate Ranking refers to the post-click experience whether it’s good or bad for the end-user. As I understand it, this will be available for conversion campaigns.

In addition to these changes will be how you are measured.

It used to be a numerical number but now, it will show you how well you are faring agains other advertisers targeting that same audience or competing with you for the same space.

This makes sense because Facebook is a bidding platform and it may be better to see how you’re faring against your competition instead of just a numerical grade.

Let me know if you start seeing this on your ad accounts and if you have any questions 

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