How To Know If People Will Buy Into Your Business Idea

How To Know If People Will Buy Into Your Business Idea


I didn’t get this idea when I first started but now that I look at it, it makes super sense.

I even thought it was illegal at one point.

But it isn’t.

And I’ve found that it’s an awesome way to see whether your business idea will fly.

And it’s the idea of selling first before creating or fulfilling your product or service.

I did the opposite, and I feel like a lot of entrepreneurs are the same.

When i started my food listings website in Penang, I first hired someone to create my logo, incorporated myself, got my cousin to create the site.

Then I sold it.

Only to find out that NO ONE wanted it.

And I feel like a lot of people are doing the same.

But those that succeed, I found, are people who sell first.

Then I think about it more.

I believe that’s what Steve Jobs did. He sold the idea first before creating the first Apple computers 

I realized further…


We order food at a restaurant and they only prepare it after we order!

That’s basically the same concept!

So if you’re ever toying with a business idea, consider selling it first and find out really if people are willing to pay 

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