How To Grow Your Business As Illustrated By KFC

How To Grow Your Business As Illustrated By KFC

What does Kentucky Fried Chicken says?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the 3 fundamental ways to grow your business.

As a recap, they are:

1. Generating more leads
2. Acquiring more customers
3. Getting customers to buy again

In that specific post, I talk about up sells like how McDonald and other fast food restaurants ask you if you want fries and drinks with your burger then asks you again if gusto mo nang large.

In this post, let me share with you another way you can increase repeat purchase from your customers.

Sometimes kasi, people don’t want to consider up sells and down sells because that will also increase costs.

Shempre if you’re increasing your product line or servicing offerings, there may be a tendency that those will have their own costs.

But what if you don’t necessarily have to create a completely new line of products or services to up sell.

What if you can just repackage what you already have into something different?

Think about KFC.

They offer chicken.

If you want good chicken, you can go to KFC.

And inside you’ll see a variety of ways you can eat chicken but in essence it’s still chicken.

You can have chicken with rice, chicken sandwich, chicken twister, chicken salad, and even the crazy mash-ups like, cheese-top sandwiches, the double down, chizza, chaco, lahat na!

Kulang na lang Chice Cream hahaha

But I hope you see the point I’m making.

Instead of stocking multiple menu items to provide variety to keep customers coming back, they are already able to create a variety simply by repackaging their main offer.

How do we translate this into other businesses?

Let’s say you design websites.

After you design one for your client, you can offer them other design services like social media graphics and collaterals.

You’ve done the design naman na, might as well be consistent.

And if you did a good job with the site, it’s easier to convince them to avail of that service rather than finding a new client and convincing him/her to hire you.

How about if your selling insurance?

I’ve met lots of FAs repackage the same offer from an investment tool, to a protection tool to a preparation tool, lahat na.

How about products?

This is something you should be doing now habang October pa lang.

Whatever product you are offering, chances are, it’s to help your target audience with something.

Now is a great time to repackage that same product or product line but this time, AS A GIFT!

This is especially effective for repeat customers.

Let’s say I sell watches.

I can do a remarketing campaign to our customers and say something like “Love our watches? get that special person one too para terno kayo!”

It’s the same product, iba lang yung pagpresent and you’re giving your customers a new reason to buy 🙂

So when you’re looking to grow your business, particularly with getting customers to buy again, ask yourself how else you can package your existing offers.

Have an awesome week ahead.

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