The Best Time To Promote

The Best Time To Promote

When's the best time to promote your products or ask for a sale?

In my opinion, one of the best times is right after the buying decision is made.

Let’s call it the point of no return.

To reiterate, one of the best times, in my opinion, to ask for a sale is right after someone buys or makes the decision na bibili na siya.

Weird ba?

I thought so too.

It took me a while to get and understand this.

Kasi parang, kakabili lang nila, bebentahan ko uli?

Take these examples:

– When’s the best time for a restaurant to offer coffee and dessert? ‘Di ba after the meal?

– When’s the best time to promote movies? ‘Di ba sa trailers?

– When’s a great time to buy candy, snacks or yosi? ‘Di ba when you’re at the counter of a convenience store right after you give the cashier the items you’re originally going to buy?

– When’s a great time for airline companies to promote travel insurance? ‘Di ba right then and there when you’re booking your flight?

These are called upsells and their aim really is to increase the value of a customer.

But not everything can be an upsell.

Great upsells are usually relevant to what the initial purchase is and is of value to the customer who already bought.

Some good upsells provide enhanced experience, some level of support and/or a faster and customized service.

There is no one formula for a great upsell but the concept can be applied almost anywhere in my belief.

Interested to find out? Drop your product or service below and let’s find out a great upsell for it  Anyone is free to chime in 

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