Stop Aspiring To Be An Entrepreneur

Stop Aspiring To Be An Entrepreneur

Stop Aspiring To Be An Entrepreneur

3 years ago, I decided that I wanted to start a business.

And I did.


I told myself that I WASN’T an entrepreneur just yet.

I told myself that once I officially get my first client and get my first payment for my service, I would change my Facebook profile to “entrepreneur”

Months flew by with nothing coming in. So I didn’t wear the label “entrepreneur” just yet.

In fact, we were out one night during this time and someone asked me what I did for a living and I said I don’t have a job.

Lucky for me, my wise wife caught me and spoke to me about it.

She called bullshit on the whole “I need to have a client first before I call myself an entrepreneur”.

and that’s when I discovered the problem.

I didn’t consider myself as an entrepreneur so I didn’t act like an entrepreneur.

I didn’t BELIEVE that I was an entrepreneur, so I didn’t do what entrepreneurs do.

If I didn’t see myself as an entrepreneur, how can I expect my ideal clients (or anyone) to see that I was an entrepreneur?

So I changed my FB profile and started telling myself that I was and I’ve been this entrepreneur ever since.

I write about this because I love helping out Filipinos who want to start their own passion projects and businesses whether full-time or part-time.

Yet I see a lot of people stuck in planning mode or dreaming mode.

And when you ask them who they are, they’d say they are aspiring business owners.

My own personal recommendation is to stop aspiring and just BE.

Whoever said that you needed to have a client to be qualified as an entrepreneur?

Some would say “Fake it until you make it” and I tend to agree (I just don’t like the wording).

My personal version of this saying is to JUST BE.

If you always see yourself as an aspiring entrepreneur, my fear is that that is always how you’ll see yourself when it comes to your dreams: just aspiring.

Once you start seeing yourself as an entrepreneur (AND BELIEVING THAT YOU ARE ONE), you’ll start thinking and acting like one, and people will see it as well.


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