How To Do Everything As An Entrepreneur

How To Do Everything As An Entrepreneur

How to do everything as an entrepreneur?

lol, you can’t.

Well, you can, but you can only reach so much without sacrificing your time and being super exhausted.

I’ve been there.

And what really worked for me was to accept that if I wanted to grow, I needed help and support.

That’s why one of my favorite entrepreneurs is Henry Ford.

Not because of anything else but because of one story which now that I think about it.

I’m not even sure if it’s true but it doesn’t really matter.

If I have the story right, the big players in the automobile industry at the time didn’t like how he disrupted the space because no one knew him so they question his knowledge and authority in the space.

So they gathered with him for something like an AMA session where the other business owners threw questions to him about the automobile industry and he just took them without answering.

When all the questions were done, he simply called up his team he knew the answers to those questions.

I feel that being a know-it-all and do-it-all type of entrepreneur can be awesome but it can limit business and stifle its growth.

I found that my agency was really able to scale when we took in a talented team and sought help from other teams that can support our efforts.

And I’m eternally grateful for my team and the support we get.

This is especially helpful for needed services that are beyond our own personal skill set.

Like for example, none of us are graphic designers.

We can do social media designs through apps like Canva but that’s pretty much it.

But now, we’ve sought the services of an awesome service called Design Puppies 

They basically act as our graphic design team so we actually get consistent and fast results every time.

This has been helpful for us especially when our clients need help in the graphic design area.

If you’re a small business owner who’s looking to offload the graphic design needs of your company, definitely check out Design Puppies.

This is especially helpful for people like me who run social media marketing agencies or something similar that needs consistently awesome-looking graphics and designs.

They have a free 7 day trial for when you want to see if they are a great fit.

Check them out at 

(I am not being paid nor will I earn any commission when you sign up. I am just a happy customer of this awesome service )

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