An Awesome Short Story From My Dad

An Awesome Short Story From My Dad

Heard this awesome short story from my dad a couple of weeks ago

Around 20 people were given one balloon each and was asked to write down their names and what their version of happiness was and stick it to the balloon.

Once every one had done so, they were asked to let go of the balloon and they all flew to the ceiling of the wall.

THey were then asked to get their balloons but they were only given one minute.

So the objective was for everyone to get back their own balloons in a span of one minute.

They failed.

Not everyone got their balloons in time.

But they were given another chance.

The balloons again flew to the ceiling.

Before they were asked to do the task again, they were given these instructions:

“Get ANY balloon, and give it to the person who owns that balloon”.

Needless to say, the task was completed in under a minute.

If we believe in a world where we look out for each other’s happiness, how would that change the way we treat each other?

How would that change the impact we make on the world and on other people?

There is value in caring and having compassion.

There is self-love in loving others.

Have an awesome weekend 

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