Importance Of Acknowledging Your Previous Actions To Your Audience

Importance Of Acknowledging Your Previous Actions To Your Audience

Imagine meeting someone for the first time and you had an awesome exchange.

Then you see that person again at an event after a week.

You’re super excited so you walk up to that person, tap his/her back, get in his/her face with a big smile on your face and say:

Remember me?!?!?!

But the person doesn’t.

How embarassing and awkward would that be?

Not just for you but the person too?

When we run marketing campaigns to follow up with our engaged audiences, we often assume that our audiences know exactly who we are.

And sometimes, making that assumption can lead to your audiences feeling na feeling close ka.

Which is why when we run remarketing ads, we sometimes start our ads by acknowledging the previous actions of our audiences.

Here are some examples:

“Hi! You’re seeing this ad because you recently engaged with one of our posts”

“We noticed that you looked at these products on our site but were not able to complete your purchase…”

“A few days ago, you requested for my ebook on Facebook ads which tell me you’re interested in learning more about Facebook

Having that reminder now puts your message in context and the person you are speaking with knows exactly why they are seeing your ads.

Test it and let us know if it makes a difference for your campaigns 

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