The 2 Kinds Of Coaches/Advisors On My News Feed

The 2 Kinds Of Coaches/Advisors On My News Feed

The 2 Kinds Of Coaches/Advisors On My News Feed

I have quite a few friends in my friend’s list who happen to be financial advisors, coaches, consultants and so far, I’ve classified them into 2.

The first group includes those who posts mostly “results” accompanied by vague posts which may or may not be take out of context. These posts may include:
👉 Before & After pictures accompanied with “Ask me how” or “PM me”
👉 screenshots of eCommerce revenue with no context
👉 Stories about themselves with an invitation to “comment _(This phrase)_ below _(Call to action)_”

Note: Bago matamaan, i said “mostly”. i post these types of posts too.

Anyway I’d like to point your attention to the second type: and those are the ones that give and teach and share.

They constantly give value without asking for much in return.

Minsan, I don’t even know what their product or service is.

But from what I see, it’s these people that give and give are the ones who are successful in their craft.

And I don’t think it’s a coincidence na ganun.

The way I see it, the first group of advisors seem to be “me” centric while the second genuinely cares about the audience they serve.

And it’s in this genuine care that people get to trust them.

And most of the time, we transact much easier with people we know, like and trust.

You don’t have to be an advisor to give value though.

Your business solves a problem of a specific group of people and the key to gaining the trust of your audience is just to care about their genuine well-being especially in relation to the problem you are trying to help them solve.

Focus on serving your audience and watch it work wonders for your business 

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